Release v1.2.0

So we are finally there again. Doing some small updates to the plugin and then had a vacation for a couple of weeks. Refreshed and with some new issues reported to the Github repository I’ve now fixed some smaller bugs and implemented a register feature.

Before registration where always anonymous and then you needed to add an email in order to add a password. The user will now have a choice to create a standard login or an anonymous one. In the latter case, you will just be added to the system as before with a user account without giving any information to the site owner.

If you choose to register though you will visit the regular registration page for the site with one added field to hold the login session so we can add the information to the user once it’s been created. Hopefully, this feature will improve the user experience.

Going forward I got the suggestion to add a feature not allowing regular registration, only SQRL registrations should be allowed. I’ll look into it but there might be a hard nut to crack.

Another feature I should add is the option to not allow anonymous accounts so the site owner could disable the page where you choose and you’ll be redirected to the registration page directly. Seems like an easier thing to solve so will probably try that next.

Thank you for your time.

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